We are a boutique event floral studio focusing on weddings. It’s what we love, so why do anything but? We spend countless hours pouring over your Pinterest boards, online research finding the perfect vessels, selecting the most elite flower farms around the world, as well as scouting out local growers. We too, grow flowers. Some of our most satisfying work comes right out of our own flower field. We love crafting those perfect details paired with our blooms, from the most luxurious silk ribbons, to thrifting the perfect vintage vase, to staging your reception tables with loads of mercury glass candles.  We have many items available in our rental line, the perfect component to our floral designs. Today’s weddings are curated, detail driven, with more attendants & guests then ever before. We strive to exceed those ideas, using seasonal blooms most often,  (hey, they look the best!) because of this high level of service, carefully selected blooms, along with the tiniest of details to make your flowers simply stunning, our studio’s event floral services start at $2500. 




A few facts to consider when thinking of our investment. We are committed to using the very best flowers available. Always using premium blooms | choosing garden roses over standard roses when possible (though blown open roses of any kind are a fav), berries & edibles uniquely sourced from the west coast, & foliages that have a component part to a design, not just filling space. You may think rose is a rose, until you realize the journey it alone takes. We pride ourselves in choosing to work whenever possible, with an Ecuadorian grown rose farm, who curate some of the most sought after rose varieties in the world. They also provide both medical care & schooling for their worker’s children. Many of these field workers are women, needing to work to support their families. This same farm, like others we support, has a higher standard when selecting blooms to fill orders & also use the best logistics available, for shipping & cooling, giving us the freshest blooms possible. These farms use sustainability practices & also pledge to replant trees & use soil conservation practices, for local reforestation efforts. And when sourcing flowers locally, we choose farmers with a commitment to our fine Lancaster county soil & with a flower passion like non other, to provide us with some of our favorite blooms. All these factors make these flowers undeniably magnificent, & well worth the extra money spent. Thank you for supporting us support these wonderful growers.


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A free one hour consultation is scheduled, after our contact form is filled out in entirety. This form is located in the contact bubble above. Know we thrive working with open minded clients, who appreciate our approach to flowers & event styling. Not every client is the right fit for us | of course, if you love crafted details, local and carefully sourced flowers, lots of texture to your designs, & always with an organic style, then we’re your gals!

Important details needing to be in place, prior to meeting, include | wedding date, ceremony & reception locations, bridal gown style (& picture), & attendant dress colors & styles. Actual swatches are very helpful, as well as any other specific details or themes, & of course the ever popular pinterest boards!! For more inspiration, & even more photos of our work, be sure to follow along wbd on pinterest & instagram too!

A custom made proposal is created following our detailed meeting, to reflect an accurate estimate of costs for budgeting. Realistic budgets are helpful to be given up front, so we can best meet your needs & offer suggestions to make every bloom count. A few weeks after our consultation, a simple budget is given to serve as a guideline for flowers & styling. Known as our {save the date}, a $100 retainer, is required, to continue our planning process & secure a spot on our calendar. Until this {save the date} is paid, no descriptive, itemized proposal is sent to clients.

The fine print ~ So you like what we’ve dreamt up with you? Great! Pay $100 {save the date} to secure a spot on our calendar. Next, you’ll receive our crafted, itemized proposal explaining all the details covering your big day. From this, we make any necessary changes together, to reflect the most accurate estimate possible. Sign, pay a 25% deposit, less the $100 {save the date} to continue. Keep dreaming about your wedding for the next year!! One month prior to your big day, send final payment. That’s it!!

Note | {save the date} & deposit fees are non refundable, as they secure your date, & block another potential client for reaching out to us. Deposits must be made within 2 weeks of receiving itemized proposal, or date will be re-opened on calendar. Any late final payments cause ordering delays, forcing us to use market conditions. This typically means less flowers available for the price as well as less custom options when we order. Sometimes that means, flowers stated under our proposal, are no longer available. Of course, we substitute equivalent blooms, but, hey, if your heart is set on cafe au lait dahlias, or coral charm peonies, or those fabulous watermelon poppies, there just isn’t another flower quite like it. So, be sure to have prompt payment, so we can provide the best quality flowers & style crafted for each event.

As excited as we are to meet & chat about wedding flowers
(really, what is more fun!!) lots of details do need to be in place, to have a constructive meeting & idea session!